There’s so much to look forward to this spring!

2 Mar

Hi everyone,

We’ve had a great year so far. Here’s a little peak at what we’ve talked about:

  • February—Politics, marriage & tradition: What’s normal anymore?
  • January— Why are people so afraid to be honest these days? Honest discourse in the era of sensitivity
  • December—Health: Who deserves it?
  • Special topic GM—Race: What’s the difference?
  • November—Has the food industry bamboozled us?
  • October—Does it matter who wins the election?
  • September—Why are you paying tuition when learning is free?

We’re so thankful for all of your support—we wouldn’t be the Gray Matter that we are without you. So keep on coming out for the discussions and invite your friends!


In Spring 2013, we’re looking forward to our next discussion on Age in the Age of Technology. We’ll tackle generation gaps, stereotypes, and realities. How old is old? How young is too young?


Join us on Friday, March 15, from 12-1PM in Gosnell Hall, RM 3365, Rochester Institute of Technology. 



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